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PayMaster Webinar Archives for 2022

Webinar: Surviving Year-End & Looking Ahead Into 2023
Romeo Chicco, CPA

PayMaster is hosting another hour long webinar hosted by our own President/CEO, Romeo Chicco. In this session, Romeo will address a multitude of topics on 2022 year end processes, procedures and policies including best practices, what the FUTA credit reduction means, how to handle taxable fringe benefits and large bonuses, understanding Form W-2, important deadlines and more. 2023 topics will include the new wage limits, who needs to complete a new 2023 W-4 form and minimum wage increases to name a few. See below for a complete outline of topics.

Webinar Topics Outline:

  • PayMaster holiday hours
  • State unemployment rates
  • FUTA credit reduction states
  • Handling Taxable Fringe Benefits
  • Taxing Supplemental wages
  • Important Deadlines
  • Understanding Form W-2
  • 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC
  • ACA Reporting
  • 2023 Limits
  • 2023 Form W-4 Pitfalls
  • Direct deposit diversion fraud
  • Employee Retention Tax Credit
  • Website Resources

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Webinar: HR….Who Cares?
Doug Murphy, Area Sales Manager for PuzzleHR

HR has quickly been brought from the back burner to top of mind in today’s job market. Learn all about employee engagement and retention, protecting the business from regulation and lawsuits, maximizing productivity and areas to not waste valuable company dollars. This fun, engaging spin on HR will have your mind turning of ways to improve your business!

Doug Murphy grew up in small businesses, ran several small businesses over the last 15 years, was trained by a large nationwide human resources & compliance company and now is the Area Sales Manager for PuzzleHR. Doug meets with over 500 businesses each year, assesses and corrects their HR & compliance issues and educates small to medium businesses on HR Strategies custom to their business.

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Webinar: Talent Acquisition & Retention
Nicole Anderson, CEO of MEND HR

Talent Acquisition and Retention are the leading struggles HR professionals, Leaders, and Business Owners face in their positions. What if building a Hiring Culture could solve those issues? What if you could get more leadership involvement in the retention efforts? We always hear that building and maintaining workplace culture is imperative to the growth. What if we build a solid hiring culture?

Nicole Anderson is the founder and CEO of MEND HR Solutions and President of MEND Recruiting, a human resources solution and recruiting firm based in West Palm Beach, Fla. Before founding MEND in 2017, Nicole held corporate leadership positions in the legal, retail, and manufacturing industries. Her broad corporate experience and work with first-year startup companies guided her vision – the need for today’s corporate leaders to better understand tomorrow’s workforce.

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Pitfalls in Completing the W-4 Form & Employee Retention Tax Credit
Romeo Chicco, CPA, PayMaster Inc.

If you had employees advise you they were underwithheld on their federal income tax for 2021, we will cover the pitfalls of what went wrong. This will be a short, but detailed dive into the W-4 form and how to identify problems before they turn into an employee nightmare at tax time.

If you have not taken advantage of this COVID-19 benefit, then DO NOT MISS this webinar. Even if you think you do not qualify. There is much misinformation about this original CARES Act benefit, and we have helped a thousand companies find unclaimed refunds. This webinar will cover the various ways a business can qualify for a refund. The amount can be sizeable and make a significant impact on your business.

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Fair Labor Standards Act Webinar
Gary A. Isaacs from Cohen Norris Wolmer Ray Telepman Berkowitz & Cohen

PayMaster is pleased to welcome Gary A. Isaacs, the Director of Employment Law at Cohen Norris Wolmer Ray Telepman Berkowitz & Cohen, for an informative discussion on the Fair Labor Standards Act. Gary will provide answers to some of the most asked questions pertaining to the Fair Labor Standards Act including:

  • When can an employee be exempt from overtime?
  • When can you dock a salaried employee's wage for absences?
  • What are the requirements to make an employee salaried?
  • How is overtime properly calculated?
  • What deductions can be made from a minimum wage employee?

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