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Updated on Mar 18, 2022 at 04:47 PM

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Our "Go To" menu (now known as "Quick Links") has been updated to properly reflect some of the changes we've recently made to the systems we host and support. If you're having trouble locating an option you've used in the past, please use the table below in order to find the service you're looking for.

Looking For... Use Why?
PayMaster HCM PayMaster HCM PayMaster HCM is your one stop for everything you need.
Evolution HCM Evolution Payroll The HCM functionality originally intended for Evolution has been added to a new product, PayMaster HCM.
Employee Portal Evolution Employee Portal In order to properly differentiate between the employee self services offered by Evolution and PayMaster HCM, we've added the word 'Evolution' to what was formerly known as just Employee Portal.
Payroll Calculator Payroll Calculators Our payroll calculators have been moved from the Go To menu to Resources.
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