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It's easy to tell time...
But it's not so easy to manage it.

Updated on Aug 22, 2018 at 03:11 PM

Time & Labor Management with PayMaster HCM

Who’s currently in the office? Is the new guy late again? Did anyone request time off? Is overtime being calculated correctly? Was everyone paid holiday hours including double time for those who worked the holiday? In other words, how do you perform time & labor management?

Wait! What is TLM?

Time & Labor Management (TLM) provides detailed insight into what your employees do everyday and allows you to monitor, control and automate it like you've never experienced before. It's there when they arrive, leave and everywhere in between.

It also plays a crucial role in payroll and HR. By managing labor daily, you can monitor and fix problems way before they make it to payroll. As a HR professional, understanding someone’s role on a daily basis can provide precious insight for events like performance reviews. No matter who you are, no matter the size of your business, using the TLM module of PayMaster HCM can ensure that every pay period starts and ends right.

Time Collection
Company Portal for PayMaster HCM

Managing TLM begins with collecting time. With PayMaster HCM, you have a plethora of options when it comes to achieving that goal. We can deploy physical timeclocks that utilize nearly any method of authentication ranging from simple PIN to biometric, a web portal that would enable your employees to punch in/out over the Internet (along with IP filters restricting them from doing so from unauthorized locations) and/or a phone number that would provide your employees with the ability to punch in/out over the phone (again, along with filters ensuring they can only punch in/out as authorized).

"No matter who you are, no matter the size of your business, using the TLM module of PayMaster HCM can ensure that every pay period starts and ends right."


Collected time is subject to a variety of calculations and rules that are all customizable in order to meet any and all of your goals. Our capabilities range anywhere from determining overtime, to comparing/enforcing schedules, to handling breaks and lunches, holiday pay and a lot more. The result is posted to a timesheet like the one shown here.

Timesheet Editing in PayMaster HCM
Customizable Timesheets

Our timesheets are made to accommodate all of your users ranging from the employees who can review their own time as well as interact with it if permitted, to your department managers allowing you to delegate the responsbilities of managing TLM and of course administrators as well. If some employees would like a design that focuses on one day at a time while others would like to view the entire pay period at once, no problem, our custom timesheets can be assigned per employee/user. All timesheets come along with the ability to see calcuation details and a summary as well as an option to add extra pay.

TLM Highlights

If you decide to use TLM, you can look forward to:

  • A multitude of time collection methods such as physical timeclocks (biometric, proximity, mag stripe, etc.), over the Internet (via a custom web page we’ll provide to you), over the phone as well as via an app for any Android or iOS device.
  • An insightful look into your daily labor including the ability to create, manage and assign schedules, see who’s in, out, late, early, absent and more, all with a simple glance.
  • Forge stronger relationships with your employees by letting them see (including options to edit, submit, etc.) their own timesheets and schedules as well as request time off and/or overtime.
  • The ability to design benefit accruals that grant people time off by tenure or hours worked including a full fledged system to track its usage including requests which can be managed by direct supervisors.
  • A massive number of rules that can be used to automate the way your daily labor is managed, e.g., applying breaks/lunches, calculating overtime, rounding, enforcing a schedule, applying shift premiums and more!
  • Automatically issue hours based on a wide variety of criteria-based cases including schedules, holidays, birthdays, etc. as well as any variety of time en masse (e.g., mass add holiday hours).
  • Full support for staffing data submission PBJ reporting to CMS.
  • Reports for any occasion including audit trails, an attendance board, a time off calendar and timesheets that can show all detail surrounding a punch including the geographical location it was recorded from.

Not ready for TLM? Don’t worry! You can leave it out now and add it whenever you’d like.

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