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Updated on Feb 27, 2019 at 01:57 PM

Employee Handbooks

In general, an employer is not required by law to issue an employee handbook, although the decision to implement one is of good business practice.

The employer generally benefits from having an employee manual because the legal risks associated with adopting one are far less substantial than they would otherwise. It communicates a uniform, well defined employment policy and establishes a common understanding between employer and employee regarding performance standards and workplace behavior.

PayMaster provides you with two options for the creation of your handbook.

  1. Our recommended option is to have one of our professional HR Consultants create a truly customized handbook for your business. Contact us to set a meeting with one of our HR professionals to determine your needs and the costs associated with a truly custom manual.
  2. For those with a small budget, we offer our HR Support Center. It includes access to a generic handbook template that you can download and customize, among many other resources, for a very low monthly fee.

The following table is a listing of a few important laws, acts, and statues and the number of employees where the employer becomes liable for compliance.

* The above table is for reference only and is not intended to be a complete list of all laws that must be in compliance based on employee count.
Number of Employees Law, Act or Statute (w/o reference to specific states)
100 Affirmative Action Programs (EEO-1)
50 EEO-1 for contractors and subcontractors of the Federal government (Federal Family Medical Leave Act, Executive Order 11246, Rehabilitation Act of 1973)
25 Drug Free Workplace Act
20 COBRA (some states 2+)
15 Civil Rights Acts of 1968 and 1991, Americans with Disabilities (ADA), Fair Employment and Housing Act, Federal Pregenancy Discrimination Act
5 - 10 Six states Maternity Leave Laws (+ One Paternity Leave), California's Fair Employment and Housing Act
1 - 5 Most States' Anti-Discrimination Laws
1 Most states and Federal wage regulations (such as overtime, child labor, etc.)
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