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Updated on Jun 22, 2018 at 10:52 AM

Employee Self Service

The ability for employees to view and edit their own data as well as directly participate in the various business processes you've designed for your company is truly one of the most important advancements of human capital management.

For the employee, it's a source of independence and power. For administrators, it's a way of distributing the workload that would otherwise be handled solely by themselves. PayMaster HCM uniquely understands and provides for this development in the industry with an unrelenting commitment to ensuring that you can embolden your employees with a customizable variety of self service options while maintaining absolute control over the processes executed and data submitted.

"The ability for employees to view and edit their own data as well as directly participate in the various business processes you've designed for your company is truly one of the most important advancements of human capital management."


A Beautiful View

For anyone who's new to the concept of employee self service, the prospect of employees editing their own information might be something you have to warm up to. If that's the case, you can take solace in the fact that employee self service offers a ton of view-only options. From personal information, to accrual information and history, to paystubs, W-2s and more, employee self service provides you and your employees with a beautiful view.

  • View personal information (e.g., address, dates, contact information, emergency contacts, etc.)
  • View time off accruals, usages and balances.
  • View scheduled earnings and deductions and direct deposit information.
  • View paystubs, W-2s, 1095-Cs, 1099s, W-4s, I-9s, etc.
  • View timesheets, schedules, shifts, work time availability, time off planning, etc.
  • View company organization chart, company documents, company events, incidents, performance reviews, etc.

You Scratch My Back...

It's obviously true that employees have a lot to gain from a self service deployment, no matter the extent. Even the potential of just viewing their own data online alone provides a source of independence and control that can truly make a difference in their professional lives, but what about the supervisors, managers and everyone else involved in your payroll and HR processes? They benefit too.

Your time is valuable and you know the importance of delegation. The more you can confidently assign tasks to others, the more relief you'll feel when working on your primary duties. Implementing employee self service, especially a full-fledged deployment, is a way to take the redistribution of work you'll familiar with and bring it to the employee level. Do you need to setup a new direct deposit? Need a W-4 updated? Does an employee need some of their old paystubs? If these sort of inquiries sound familiar and you spend your own time handling them, consider how employee self service could help you.

Beyond The View

Whether you start there or get there eventually, you'll likely consider using employee self service beyond simple viewing purposes. When you do, you'll find a wealth of options regardless of what modules you're using within PayMaster HCM.

  • Selectively allow employees to update their own personal information.
  • Add or modify their own direct deposits.
  • Request changes to benefits.
  • Complete and eSign Federal, State and even custom forms.
  • Provide tasks in the form of checklists for your employees to complete.
  • Set work time availability and preferences.
  • Edit timesheets directly or via an approval process.
  • Request overtime via an approval process.
  • Submit time off requests with optional time off planning functionality (e.g., see remaining slots, slots already taken, etc.)

Employees can also utilize our mobile app in order to perform most of the tasks listed above.

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