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Updated on Jun 21, 2018 at 03:20 PM

Labor Distribution

Labor distribution begins with groups (or, as PayMaster HCM will refer to them, cost centers) and right from that step, PayMaster HCM differentiates itself.

Instead of forcing you to adapt to a framework, e.g., groups with preset names like 'division' or 'department', or being required to use hierarchical or flat relationships between them, PayMaster HCM lets you decide it all. Want a group named location, office, region, project, etc? You got it. Want to nest groups inside of other groups? No problem. No nesting? We can accommodate that too. And that's just the beginning.

Inside of a Cost Center

After naming and creating the structure of your cost center, you'll likely want to consider the plethora of additional options that come along with that work. From custom attributes, to assigning default settings (e.g., profiles, managers, etc.) based on membership and more:

  • Interoperation with all PayMaster HCM modules -- use the same cost centers in TLM, payroll and HR.
  • Integratable with worksite reporting.
  • Override bank accounts, pay statement preferences and delivery settings per cost center.
  • Identify cost centers in multiple ways in order to support integration with various external systems without changing your own preferences.

Our cost centers don't stop at just labor distribution.

Ahem, what about Labor Distribution?

With a brief education in cost centers behind us, we can turn back to the original topic, labor distribution. In PayMaster HCM, you can distribute labor manually, on-the-fly, in TLM or payroll, or you can use a labor distribution profile that will enable you to distribute by percentage. If you need to redistribute labor, you can do so at anytime, even after your timesheets or payroll has been finalized.

From the cost centers themselves, to earnings, deductions and taxes, you have total control over what is or isn't distributed. When you're finished, a variety of reports that can be exported in numerous formats are at your disposal. The reports support both row-based and columnar designs as well as the ability to see distributions by cost center or by employee. You've probably seen labor distribution reporting in the past, but you've never seen it like this.

  • Totally customizable labor distribution reports. Missing an attribute you need? Add it with a couple of clicks.
  • A variety of flexible labor distribution reports that are exportable to several formats including your favorites like PDF and Excel and those typically desired by technophiles like HTML, XML or delimited text files.
  • Reusable profiles for percentage-based labor distributions. Have the same allocation for several employees? Only do it once!
  • Easy to redistribute finalized entries on timesheets and/or pay statements both manually and automatically.
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