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PHCM Overview
Human Capital Management
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Updated on Aug 20, 2018 at 01:47 PM

Overview of PayMaster HCM

As business owners, you are often juggling several things at once to keep your business going. Your employees are the bloodline of the success of your business.

The last thing you need to worry yourself with is if your employees are being paid timely and accurately. In addition to their pay, you are managing benefits, anniversary dates, certifications and onboarding. With PayMaster HCM, we take all those tasks off your plate allowing you to do what you do best, grow and manage your business.

Your System, Not Ours

Unlike the big box payroll mentality, PayMaster HCM looks at the uniqueness of each business and helps you customize the services that work with your current and future needs. Our single platform allows you to grow your business without having to change systems as you hit certain milestones. Whether you need Payroll, Time and Labor Management (TLM), Human Resources, Workers’ Compensation Pay As You Go, Onboarding, help with Recruitment or benefit assistance, PayMaster HCM is the solution for you. All our products can work independently or as a package, based on your specific needs. Our consultative approach allows you to see all your options and choose the best solution for your needs. Should you need to add products or services as you grow, it’s easy with PayMaster HCM.

A System You Can Grow With

PayMaster HCM is ready to help you deal with all aspects of human capital management, but what if you're not? We can easily scale down or up depending on your immediate goals. If you need payroll functionality straightaway, let's start there. You can get acclimated to the same exact environment you'll use for time & labor management, HR, recruitment and more -- whenever that time comes.

PayMaster HCM Highlights

With PayMaster HCM you can look forward to:

  • Get your employees involved with self service options! Everyone is able to login to a personal account as soon as they’re hired (and in some cases, even before then). Whether you’d simply like to provide a way for them to access their data (e.g., timesheet, pay statements, etc.) or if you’d like them as an active participant making changes (e.g., updating their own direct deposit information), PayMaster HCM will support it all.
  • Keep your employees in the know! Our self service portal provides you with the ability to make announcements (optionally as a popup), provide important links for websites related to your business and even assign to-do items.
  • A highly customizable environment! Almost every page can be used as a customizable report and several screens and be arranged in any way you’d like including support for tabs.
  • Get email notifications for over 150 events! From new hires, to anniversaries and birthdays, all the way to payroll submission reminders, there’s a notification for just about anything.
  • Eliminate repetitive work and obtain higher accuracy with abundant mass editing and importing options! A lot of information comes en masse. With PayMaster HCM, you don’t have to work with it one record at a time for hours on end. Use a variety of mass edit or import utilities integrated into our system to make short work of massive data.
  • A wide variety of export formats! It’s one thing to have plentiful reporting, but extending that reporting to other systems or using it for greater analysis is ultimately where we’re all headed. With PayMaster HCM, you can export all reports to PDF, Excel, XML, HTML, ICS (for calendar-related items), test (e.g., CSV) and more!
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