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PayMaster Annual Conference for 2020

The Lingering Effects of COVID-19 on Health Benefits and Workers' Compensation Insurance
Rick Neyman/Alexis DeLuca, Insurance Office of America

Mr. Neyman is a managing partner of Insurance Office of America (IOA) and has extensive knowledge in the global insurance marketplace. Along with Ms. DeLuca who has over 20 years experience in employee benefits, they will present a compelling discussion on the issues.

Mr. Neyman and Ms. DeLuca will be discussing the effect COVID-19 has had and will have on health benefits and workers’ compensation. They will be discussing the cost effects on health insurance, workers’ comp and effects of working from home/virtually, compliance effects and plan document amendments.

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Time & Labor Management with PayMaster HCM - Open Discussion
Corey James, PayMaster Inc.

Ms. James has been with PayMaster for over 12 years, has held multiple positions within the company and has extensive knowledge regarding PayMaster HCM. Her knowledge of the systems and her skill to communicate that knowledge to our clients is invaluable.

Ms. James will be discussing and answering your questions regarding how PayMaster HCM can help you manage all of your time & labor management needs including our highly customizable timesheets/rules/policies, scheduling, time off requests and more!

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COVID-19 Pandemic & Unemployment Insurance
Dane Swenson, Corporate Cost Control

Mr. Swenson is the Manager of Client Solutions with over 10 years of varied experience in Workforce Solutions. Having dabbled in just about every department at Corporate Cost Control, Dane brings a unique, customer-centric view to Workforce Solutions, while always focusing on the client-vendor relationship.

Mr. Swenson will be discussing the effect COVID-19 Pandemic and the effect it will have on unemployment claims as well as the effects it will have in the long term related to unemployment rates.

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HRIS with PayMaster HCM - Open Discussion
MiNicki Cooper, PayMaster Inc.

Ms. Cooper has been working as HR Coordinator for PayMaster over the last year interfacing with our clients and assisting them with the utilization of our HR Module.

Ms. Cooper will be discussing and answering your questions regarding how PayMaster HCM can help you manage all of your HR needs including onboarding, applicant tracking, benefits, time off accrual, various types of leave (EFMLA, vacation) and more!

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PayMaster HCM & "The New Normal"
Joshua Schack, PayMaster Inc.

Mr. Schack has been with PayMaster for 18 years and serves as its CIO.

Mr. Schack will explore how many features of PayMaster HCM that might've been considered simply good ideas in the past, e.g., going paperless, employee self service, etc., are now necessities for many due to the realization of challenges like COVID-19.

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PPP Loan Forgiveness
Romeo Chicco, CPA, PayMaster Inc.

Mr. Chicco will be giving us insights into PPP Loan Forgiveness.

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2021 Payroll Tax & Law Update
Romeo Chicco, CPA, PayMaster Inc.

Mr. Chicco will, as always, give us insights into the new payroll laws for 2021 and the ramifications the COVID-10 Pandemic has had on payroll and taxes.

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Hot Topics in Employment Law
Steve Schwarzberg, Schwarzberg & Associates

Mr. Schwarzberg is the founder and managing member of Schwarzberg & Associates, a litigation boutique specializing in employment law and commercial litigation. It’s the largest firm of its kind in South Florida and has been recognized by Corporate Counsel Magazine as a “Go To Law Firm” for Employment Law.

Mr. Schwarzberg will be covering Hot Employment Law Topics within today’s workplace and how to take pro-active steps to avoid any liability issues. With his extensive knowledge of Employment Law, this should be a very informative and interesting presentation.

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