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PayMaster Annual Conference for 2018

Cannabis, Sex, Politics, and Religion in the Workplace
Steven Schwarzberg - Managing Partner, Law Firm of Schwarzberg & Associates

Mr. Schwarzberg will be discussing Cannabis and Employment Law, as well as, Sex, Politics and Religion in the workplace. Our veteran presenter, Steve, will take on two very timely topics with controversy surrounding each. Is your company protected?

Verified First - Background Screening & Best Practices
Ian Bellais - Verified First Speaker

Mr. Bellais has over 25 years experience in business development and partner channels. During that time he’s helped to successfully launch five companies and has closed large complex deals valued as high as $72 million. He has a Master’s Degree in Sports Business Management and is currently an Adjunct Professor with Bryan University teaching sales, marketing, customer service and entrepreneurialism.Mr. Bellais will present the pitfalls to avoid in creating a background screen policy, how to mitigate risk and the best practices for protecting your company. What is the best time to perform the screening, EEOC and FCRA compliance and Ban-the-Box and salary history laws.

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Utilizing PayMaster HCM for your Workflow Tasks
Stefanie Stinnette - PayMaster, New Accounts Engineer

Ms. Stinnette has been with Paymaster for over 3 years and is our implementation specialist. Her knowledge of PayMaster HCM is extensive and as part of the conference we wish to give further insight into our payroll system. Stefanie will be discussing “One Suite Solution”, a continuation from our last conference. Here she will show you how you can manage your employees more efficiently and how to give access to management, how to review HR items and where the employees can go to review online help guides and documentation.

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New Payroll Laws & Changes in 2019 from IRS & SSA
Romeo Chicco - PayMaster, President & Founder

Mr. Chicco will be discussing the new payroll laws from the IRS and SSA that you should be concerned with for 2019. He will be covering the new IRS - W4 form, a new focus on name/SSN mismatches by the Social Security Administration and other important changes you need to know about for next year.

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Misclassification of Employeees; Exempt Vs Non-Exempt
Jeffrey Pheterson

Mr. Pheterson will discuss misclassification of Salaried Exempt vs. Non-Exempt (hourly) employees. He will also discuss the ramifications of when to hire and fire and how to preserve employment “at-will” in the company. Mr. Pheterson is a managing partner with Ward, Damon, Posner, Pheterson and Bleau and is a member of the Florida Bar since 1976. He received his B.A. in Political Science, Business Administration in 1973 from Florida Atlantic University and his J. D. in 1976 from the University of Florida College of Law.

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