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PayMaster Annual Conference for 2017

Changing Workforce Demographics
Merrie S. Singer - President, Singer HR Partners LLC.

Ms. Singer will be discussing - Who is the worker of the future? What do they hope to achieve with their careers? Where will they want to work? How will their working styles be different than today's workforce? Why will they choose to work at your company? Participants in this session will learn about the myriad of changes happening in the workforce today and the composition of the future workforce. Discover how these changes will impact company culture, recruitment strategies, turnover and performance management.

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Top 10 Hot Employment Law Topics
Steven Schwarzberg - Managing Partner, Law Firm of Schwarzberg & Associates

Mr. Schwarzberg will be covering the Top 10 Hot Employment Law Topics within today's workplace and how to take pro-active steps to avoid falling into them and how to avoid any liability issues from them. With his extensive knowledge of Employment Law, this should be a very informative and interesting presentation. A round table discussion will be included to allow questions from the floor.

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Information Security and Compliance
Mark R. Conboy - Managing Partner CITRMS®, Privacy 360, LLC.

Business leaders often mistakenly believe their IT department covers their data security needs. The objective of this presentation is to educate attendees about cyber security risks businesses face, financial and legal impact of these risks, and new core management responsibilities to comply with information security regulations and prevent/mitigate data breaches.

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PayMaster HCM Every Day
Corey James and Stefanie Stinnette - PayMaster, Inc.

Corey and Stefanie will present on a day in the life of PayMaster HCM. Utilizing a human capital management system to its fullest potential to achieve a paperless work environment.

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Evaluating Retirement Plan Options
Amy Eisinger, CRPS - Regional Vice President (South Florida) of Mutual of America

Ms. Eisinger's presentation will help employers evaluate their company's current retirement plan. It will also serve as an educational base line for those employers that do not currently sponsor a Retirement Savings Plan to their employees by discussing plan design options, administration, and support.

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