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Pay your employees by check, direct deposit or pay card with PayMaster!

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Pay Methods

Whether you plan on paying your employees by secure check, direct deposit or pay card (or all three!), PayMaster has you covered. Regardless of the method or methods you use, all paystubs will be available online for your employees via the Employee Self Service component of PayMaster HCM.


Tried-and-true, albeit often surrounded by more advantageous options, the check remains a method for paying your employees. Although we’re big fans of direct deposit and pay cards, we understand the on-going need for checks and even though they may not be a cutting edge technology, we breathe new life into a feature of payroll that you thought you knew all about. With checks cut by PayMaster, you'll find:

  • Pressure sealed checks with the newest innovations in security features designed to minimize tampering and fraud.
  • Absolute control over what information, e.g., earnings, deductions, hours, rates, YTD, timesheet activity, custom message(s), etc., is included, or excluded, and how it's displayed.
  • The ability to add your logo and/or signature to your checks.
  • Options for printing checks from multiple bank accounts, based on cost center, with customization available at each interval.

Direct Deposit

With groups like the American Payroll Association estimating that the average cost to issue a single traditional check is upwards of $2.50, it's crucial for businesses to examine the actual need for such a practice. Considering the majority of the American workforce have bank accounts, direct deposit is typically the clear choice for a successor to checks. Our system, PayMaster HCM, takes direct deposit to the next level:

  • Total control over how many direct deposits you can configure per employee including the ability to reserve an amount for a live check.
  • On-the-fly prenoting that enables you to direct deposit to your employees the very first time they're paid with a new account.
  • A lookup option for ABA (routing) numbers that can be used to verify the bank you're configuring a direct deposit for.
  • Direct deposit used in conjunction with Employee Self Service is the main ingredient to going completely paperless. For those in states with tough regulations for the elimination of providing paper-based paystubs/vouchers, PayMaster HCM has a built-in consent system allowing you to remain compliant with any law(s) that apply to you.
  • The ability to apply custom names and upload supporting documents (e.g., void checks) for any bank accounts you add to PayMaster HCM.

Pay Card

Does direct deposit sound good, but you find that a number of your employees simply don't have (or want) bank accounts? Consider using pay cards! These cards are setup in the exact same manner as direct deposits, so all of the benefits listed for that pay method are applicable here as well. In addition to that, there are many other advantages:

  • Our pay cards operate just like debit cards and are branded with a MasterCard logo which guarantees worldwide acceptance.
  • Any fees incurred are paid by the employee, not the employer.
  • Eliminates check cashing fees and the costs of money orders for bill payment.
  • Ability to do card-to-card transfers for ease of sending money, even to relatives anywhere in the world.
  • No credit check or bank verification. Apply and you'll be issued a card.

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