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Payroll with PayMaster HCM.

No additional fees for making it rain.

Payroll with PayMaster HCM

Imagine your payroll schedule laid out for you. Every cycle simply waiting for you to initialize it. Therein, each payroll includes a checklist thoroughly guiding you from adding or editing employees all the way to submission including options to edit your payroll in a batch setting, individually by each pay statement or even en masse. If you’re using our time & labor management module as well, you’ll find a seemless integration -- just a couple of clicks and your time is synced from all of your employees’ timesheets to their respective pay statements. This is payroll with PayMaster HCM.

Total Integration with TLM & HR

Payroll is the heart of any human capital management design. All of the daily information collected and processed with time & labor management (TLM) or the massive detail that has to be stored and utilized by an HR staff will make some sort of journey to an employee’s pay statement. Whether you use our integrated TLM and HR solutions or not, using PayMaster HCM for payroll provides a myriad of advantages leading directly to greater insight, higher accuracy and even happier employees.

Payroll Highlights

If you decide to use the payroll module within PayMaster HCM, you can look forward to:

  • Control what’s mandatory during hire (e.g., dates, contact information, etc.) and set attributes based on affiliation (e.g., apply a particular manager for all employees that are added to a certain cost center).
  • Track all standard information and demographics, numerous dates (including the ability to make your own), up to ten custom cost centers, logic-based rate tables and more.
  • Use an in-depth base compensation management tool that provides a multitude of ways to pay your employees. Setup pay by any measure, e.g., by pay period, annually, etc., use a rate table to pay someone differently based on what they’re doing, extend rate tables for even more specific situations (e.g., add $.10 to an hourly rate when performing a particular job), even apply autopay schedules to salaried employees that will automatically reduce their wage when they do not work an entire pay period.
  • Make sure you didn’t pay 800 hours instead of 80, remind yourself to pay commission checks separately and more with customizable payroll alerts. You can also include a sign-off that will require attention for a particular alert before being permitted to close your payroll.
  • A consent system for the electronic delivery of pay statements, W-2s and 1099s to help you go totally paperless while abiding by all local and Federal laws.

Not ready for payroll? Don’t worry! You can leave it out now and add it whenever you’d like.

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