Are your methods of recruiting outdated?
Use PayMaster HCM to find and acquire new talent.

Updated on Jun 22, 2018 at 09:33 AM


If you’re using our HR module, you’ll benefit from a top notch and totally customizable onboarding process, but what happens before that point?

How do you find and recruit talent? How do you keep track of them through the applicant phase? From job posting to hire, our Applicant Tracking & Recruitment module has everything you need.

Talent acquisition and the management thereof is challenging task. Posting well tailored job listings to popular hiring resource sites is only the beginning. Your interaction with those interested in joining your organization only intensifies as the process goes on. You’ll need to know a lot about them and you’ll need a robust way of collecting it all. PayMaster HCM and its Applicant Tracking & Recruitment module is the perfect solution for all of these tasks.

With our Applicant Tracking & Recruitment module, you can benefit from:

  • The ability to design your own job requisitions and automatically post them to all popular hiring resource sites.
  • A custom employee portal that will provide the applicant with numerous resources for providing you with information via online form or upload.
  • Custom-built hiring stages that enable you to maintain full control and oversight of your hiring procedure.
  • Allow applicants to upload resumes or design forms to capture the information typically contained with one.
  • Schedule, document and manage all aspects of interviews conducted with applicants.
  • Create and use email notification templates to easily communicate with all applicants in a standardized and automated fashion.
  • Hire with a click! All information collected during the recruitment phase is used to build the new employee's record.
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