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Hospitality Industry

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Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry faces a number of challenges in regards to payroll ranging from minimum wage compliance, to labor allocation (e.g., front of house versus back of house), to tax credits and beyond. PayMaster uniquely understands the various tasks you face and provides you with an HCM system capable of giving you everything you need and more.

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Minimum Wage

PayMaster HCM can easily identify and automatically correct problems with minimum wage by either paying a makeup wage or requiring an employee to more accurately report their tips. Any makeup wages or tips are then broken into a separate category so you can easily differentiate between your work and the system's.


Need any tips on tips? Of course we support charge and cash tips. We can also break out tips as cash on paystubs and reports to better identify the difference between someone getting paid by them or a net check. Speaking of tips, are you getting your tax credit for tipped employees? The average excess tips FICA tax credit is $1,000 per tipped employee. How many do you have? With PayMaster HCM and its tip credit reporting, we'll tell you in an instant!

Are you getting your tax credit for tipped employees? The average excess tips FICA tax credit is $1,000 per tipped employee.

Point of Sale System

Point of sale (POS) systems are a great place to capture your employees' time. However, we all know that's not necessarily their strong suit and they have a lot on their plate. If you need a better time & labor management system, we have a module for that. That said, if you like your POS systems timekeeping capabilities, that's okay too! We have a flexible import specification for simple transfer of hours/amounts as well as an API for more thorough data exchanges.

Cost Centers

Custom cost centers, hierarchical, flat or both, can be used to keep track of your labor however you envision it. Need a simple line dividing FOH from BOH? No problem. Look for cost centers 'inside' FOH or BOH? We can do that too. And if you need multiple cost centers, each for totally different purposes, we can help.

Multiple Rates

PayMaster HCM makes it easy to pay your employees with a variety of rates. Whether by employee, cost center worked (e.g., waiter, host, etc.) or even company wide (e.g., training rate), we have you covered.

We've helped a lot of restaurants, hotels and others in the hospitality industry get control of their human capital management. Contact us now and let us help you too.

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