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Updated on Jun 22, 2018 at 02:23 PM

General Ledger

PayMaster can handle multiple levels of Job costing as well as reporting processed payroll and wage data back into your General Ledger along with the allocation to each job.

Allocations can be made on-the-fly, captured via our time & labor management system or by percentage allocation. We can also handle an unlimited combinations of rates of pay that can be based on the job and/or type of work performed by the employee automatically, along with prevailing wage calculations.

Time & Labor Management

If you'd like for your employees to clock in/out with our time & labor management solution, they can use our mobile app allowing them to easily do so from the job site. Along with GPS tracking, you'll collect your employees time and know exactly where they were at the moment as well.

Government Contractors

Are you a government contractor? PayMaster has you covered with the WH-347/Certified Payroll reporting. Our system will not only track, but it will produce the actual WH-347 form for your submission with signature ready reports.

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