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Existing System Integration

Time & Attendance
All time & attendance systems provide a way to export the payroll related information they collect so that it can be imported by payroll software. This export/import style of integration eliminates the need for someone to key in that information every time payroll needs to be submitted for processing.

At PayMaster, we strive to make managing your payroll as simple as possible. That's why we support integrating any time & attendance system with our payroll software; regardless of where you aquired your system from.
Our Approach
Either version of our payroll software, Evolution, works with an industry standard format that's been around for over 10 years. So, even if your time & attendance system is over a decade old, there's still a good chance we can integrate with it just by utilizing an option that may have gone unnoticed up to this point.

If your system doesn't support our format by default, a small amount of custom programming, designed by our own or your system's programmers, can easily overcome that problem. However, considering the number of systems we're compatible with (see the next article), the possibility of resorting to custom programming is unlikely.
Here are a few of the time & attendance systems that we've already integrated with:

Micros, Squirrel Systems, TimeAmerica, Qquest's TimeForce, Jantek, SunDial Time Systems' RealTime, Gatekeeper Business Solutions, SwipeClock, Stratis Business Systems' Visitrax, HomeRun, Aloha TableService POS, Maitre'D POS, Restaurant Magic's Data Central, Time In A Box, Kronos, Lathem's PayClock, CountMeIn, and more.
Technical Information
Our timeclock import format(s) and examples are located on Google Docs.