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Time & Attendance Services

Time & Attendance
Regardless of how you currently manage your employees' time & attendance, PayMaster can help in a wide variety of ways.

If you don't have an existing time & attendance system, we can provide you with one. For small to medium size businesses, we recommend WebClock Standard. It provides a large number of features, straight forward and easy to use reporting along with several options regarding how the employees' time is collected; such as by time clock (PIN, Fingerprint, etc.), via the Internet or even over a phone line.

For medium to large size businesses, especially those with more complicated time & attendance needs, we advise using our WebClock Enterprise system. It comes with all of the same features as WebClock Standard and a lot more, over 50 fully customizable reports and a wide range of time clocks (PIN, Fingerprint, Hand Recognition, etc.). WebClock Enterprise also provides a wide range of self service functionality (e.g. clock in/out, review timesheets, request time off, etc.) for your employees and department managers.

If you have an existing time & attendance system, we can still help you with our existing system integration service. By integrating your existing time & attendance system with our payroll software, you can eliminate keying in your payroll; making it much easier to complete and much less prone to miskeying errors.