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Payroll Submission Methods

Payroll Services
PayMaster offers a variety of methods to submit your payroll for processing. From online solutions like WebClient and ThinClient, to traditional methods, PayMaster provides the most cost-efficient system for your specific payroll requirements.
Evolution is the most sophisticated payroll processing software in the industry. It can be used to access and process your payroll data from any computer with any type of Internet connection in real time. With Evolution, your payroll and employee information is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Multiple users can all work with the system at the same time. Evolution is available in two versions - WebClient and ThinClient.
WebClient is a browser-based solution that will accommodate most small payrolls. With WebClient, you can add or edit employees, enter and submit payroll, and retrieve your reports. The ability to print a register prior to processing assures complete quality control.
ThinClient is the same, full featured, service bureau level software used by our payroll specialists to process payroll for our clients. No payroll is too large or too complex for it. ThinClient offers an array of functions that are exclusive to Evolution.
For clients that prefer traditional methods of payroll submission, PayMaster will accept input via fax, email, phone, mail and delivery. Our input worksheet is used to collect, organize and submit payroll data for processing by our specialists.
Integration eliminates excessive and unnecessary keying, the possibility of human error and the tedious task of manually transmitting data from one system to another. Evolution has been successfully integrated with systems such as Micros, Squirrel Systems, TimeAmerica, Qquest's TimeForce, Jantek, SunDial Time Systems' RealTime, Gatekeeper Business Solutions, SwipeClock, Stratis Business Systems' Visitrax, HomeRun, Aloha TableService POS, Maitreā€™D POS, Restaurant Magic's Data Central, Time In A Box, Kronos, Lathem's PayClock, CountMeIn, etc.