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PayMaster has four options for custom reporting; each of those options are briefly explained below.

If you're not interested in creating custom reports on your own, we have a custom report writing service we offer as well.
Ad-Hoc Reporting Tool
Our Ad-Hoc Reporting Tool is the simplest of our custom reporting tools. Starting with any one of three templates (the Company, Employee or Payroll template), creating a custom report is as simple as choosing the fields that you'd like to include in your report. Any fields you choose can be displayed, formatted, calculated or customized to the specification you desire.

Once an ad-hoc report is built, it can be saved for future use and easily shared with your colleagues. When run, choosing between a graphical or an Excel-compatible file result, is as easy as flipping a switch.
Query Builder
Query Builder is a standardized tool that's available in many popular database applications (e.g. Microsoft Access) and custom reporting tools (e.g. Crystal Reports). It's great way to look at your database on an 'eye-to-eye' level and get quick answers to even your most complicated questions.

Queries written with Query Builder can be easily saved and stored as a file. Results can be exported in an Excel format with a single keystroke.

You can use Query Builder as a standalone tool or in conjunction with our Report Writer or Report Master custom report writing applications.
Report Master
Our Report Master application provides total control over how your data looks after it's queried (by Query Builder). It also gives you the ability to create a variety of parameters (i.e. user supplied values) so that your reports can be easily modified every time they're run (e.g. only show totals, only show dept. X, etc.) with the flip of a switch.
Custom Report Writing Service
If you can't find what you're looking for in our report library and are not interested in directly working with our custom reporting tools, don't worry! PayMaster can write any report you need at an affordable cost.