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Labor Distribution

Payroll Services
PayMaster provides a wide range of powerful options for distributing all of the various aspects of your employees' labor. Any earnings, deductions, taxes, jobs or workers' compensation codes can be distributed to any of your employee groups (e.g. division, branch, department or team).
The following features are available with our labor distribution:
  • Total control over what gets distributed (e.g. selected earnings, deductions/no deductions, taxes/no taxes, etc.)
  • Distribute labor with a vareity of methods at your disposal:
    • Automatically based on user-defined percentages
    • On-the-fly during payroll entry
    • Hard-coded in conjunction with pay rate information (e.g. pay rate X is distributed to department Y)
    • Collected directly from your workforce when using either of our WebClock products.
  • Produce several reports including our standard Labor Distribution