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Job Costing

Payroll Services
Our payroll software, Evolution, can store an unlimited number of jobs for your job costing needs. They can be created via mass entry or on-the-fly while you're keying in your payroll.

In payroll, job codes can be associated with any earnings or deductions that you need to record for your employees. Your entries can be made by hand or you can collect them directly from your workforce by using either of our WebClock products.

After your payroll data has been recorded, we have a multitude of job costing reports that will enable you to easily summarize or retrieve the details of any jobs your employees worked on.
The following features are available with our job costing:
  • Unlimited job codes
  • Create job codes on-the-fly while doing payroll
  • Collect job codes directly from your workforce when using either of our WebClock products
  • Specify a large number of optional attributes associated with each job code such as a custom rate amount, workers' compensation code, G/L account, life to date information, work classification, etc.
  • Certify job codes on a federal or state level
  • Produce a multitude of reporting, including our standard job cost report, a variation of that report that can include further grouping (e.g. by division, branch, department or team) or a certified payroll report (DOL WH-347)