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General Ledger

Payroll Services
In our payroll software, Evolution, all of the elements that makeup your company, employee and payroll data can be associated with G/L codes or names from your accounting software's chart of accounts. After all of those relationships have been established, retrieving your payroll information in the form of a general ledger is as simple as clicking a button.
Our General Ledger report can be run for any frequency (per pay period, month, etc.) in any one of three modes that either:
  1. Completely summarizes your entries by account number/name
  2. Shows entries by account number/name with company-level detail
  3. Shows entries by account number/name with employee-level detail
It also supports proration and exporting to Excel.
System Integration
In addition to reporting, we can also interface with several accounting programs such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, Timberline, FundEZ, AccPac, Financial Edge and more.