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PayMaster has the perfect package for processing payroll and taxes for restaurants of every type and size. From the smallest establishment to the largest multi-state chain with thousands of employees, PayMaster has the right solution at the right price.

We provide Comprehensive Payroll Processing Services. Pay your employees by live pay check, direct deposit or pay card. All pay stubs and management reports are included at no extra charge.

We take care of your State and Federal Tax Filings. We pay all of your payroll taxes on your behalf. And we take full liability for accuracy and timeliness. You’ll never deal with the IRS again.

Our system has Multi-State Capabilities. We can handle all your locations no matter where they are located. We’re set up to process in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. You’ll never outgrow PayMaster.

We also offer Employee Self Service. Your employees can log in to our secure server and get their pay stubs and W-2’s. Or we can send them directly to the employee via secure email at no extra charge. No more printing and delivering of employee statements.

We make sure you receive your Excess Tips FICA Tax Credit Reporting. Are you getting your tax credit for tipped employees? The average Excess Tips FICA Tax Credit is $1000 per server. How many do you have?

We provide a seamless Interface to your POS Terminal. Use your existing POS system for collecting time and attendance. Import your employee data directly into our payroll software. No need to re-key your data. We work with all major POS suppliers and Time & Attendance systems.

We know how to Interface to your General Ledger. Automate the posting of your journal entries to your accounting software. All we need is your chart of accounts. No need to re-key your data.

PayMaster offers Web-Based Input and Delivery. You can process your payroll and retrieve your reports any time and anywhere. Your payroll information is as close as your Internet connection.