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HR Support

PayMaster provides you with a one-stop resource for employee management and workplace compliance information.

You can start by taking our simple 3 minute online audit to find out if you are up to date on many HR regulations and compliance issues.

For those clients that qualify, we offer a complimentary on-site review and evaluation of your current HR practices; a detailed analysis that is valued at $1,500. See the PayMaster On-Site HR Support below for details. Contact us to schedule your audit.

Our HR Support options are tailored to your needs from online to in-person.
PayMaster HR Support Center
PayMaster's web-based HR Support Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where you can have access to a wealth of resources.

Some of the resources available include:
  • Handbook template (opens in Word or HTML for you to add your customization)
  • Policy Library – use to customize your handbook
  • Job Descriptions – hundreds to select from
  • Personnel letter templates
  • Federal and State Law and automatic alerts
  • Guides to Hiring, Performance Reviews, Leave of Absence, and Terminations
  • Q&A Knowledge Base
  • Labor and Personnel Laws for all 50 States and Federal
  • and more...
If you’d like to learn more about our online HR Support Center, click here to watch an interactive video that demonstrates the features outlined above and more!
PayMaster HR On-Demand
With PayMaster's HR On-Demand, you will receive UNLIMITED consultations with HR Professionals over the phone or via email. You will get answers to your employment law compliance and employee relationship questions, customization of employee handbooks, job descriptions, forms, letters, and more!
  • Ask the Pro: Address your situational questions in regards to employment compliance and personnel issues, and receive a response within one business day.
  • Document Customization: Our HR Pros will create and/or customize your HR documents, and review for potential compliance concerns.
  • Employee Handbook Development: Schedule a consultation with an HR Pro to develop a custom Employee Handbook and a plan for implementation. We will even review your existing handbook for compliance.
On-Site HR Support
Our On-Site HR Support is provided by our partner, IBP. Their HR experts allow you to completely outsource your HR department or supplement your current staff's knowledge. PayMaster clients can qualify for a complimentary on-site HR review, where IBP's trained HR professionals will examine everything from your personnel files to your job descriptions and employee handbook. The audit results will provide you with a clear understanding of your HR strengths and weaknesses.

Based on the results of the review, and your company's HR goals and objectives, IBP's HR professionals can then develop a program tailored to your specific operation. This will eliminate and minimize any fine and penalty liabilities by making sure your business is compliant with every Federal, State, County and City regulation.

IBP's independent and unbiased HR Specialists will create and build a more positive and productive workplace environment eliminating employee anxiety and turnover, thus improving your quality of life and grow your bottom line.