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Time Off Accrual

Time off accrual is a vital benefit that you can provide to your employees and PayMaster can make it easy for you to administer. Regardless of how your accrual is performed, we can design a solution for you.
Accrual policies vary depending on the environment. Some are very simple and straight forward, while others are complicated and challenging. With that in mind, we've set out to address all of these situations. Our payroll software, Evolution, can accrue time by:
  • Anniversary Date
  • Override Anniversary Date
  • Each Pay Period
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annually
  • Annually
  • Based on the number of hours your employees work
We can also design accruals that combine these frequencies. So, if your accrual is initially done on a semi-annual basis, but after the first year of employment it needs to be changed to an annual accrual, we can support that.
Historical Time Off Information
With PayMaster, all accrual and usage history is easy to track in a variety ways. If you're using our payroll software, Evolution, tracking time off history can be as simple as choosing an employee and clicking a button. There's also several reports including our Time Off Register that offer tremendous insight; whether you're using our software or not.
Current Time Off Information
Your current time off accrual and usage information can be retrieved in the same manner as your history. In addition to that, we can also include it with your paystubs, our Employee Self Service and on our WebClock Enterprise time & attendance system. By integrating our time off accrual service with Employee Self Service or WebClock Enterprise, you can also implement either system's time off request system; allowing employees to not only view how much time they have available, but also request time off in the future that's subject to a manager's approval.