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Time Clocks

WebClock Standard

PayMaster offers a wide variety of time clock hardware to meet all budgets and needs. Feel free to browse our selection below or contact us to help determine which clock is best for you.

As you browse our time clocks, please keep in mind that each one can be used within the same organization depending on your particular needs. In a manufacturing plant, for example, office workers can utilize clocking in and out at their desktop browser, while employees on the shop floor can utilize one of the print readers (to eliminate buddy punching), while drivers on the road can use a cellular based clock.

Time Clock
Punch Collection
Standard, Enterprise, Both
No Image Available
Model: Voiceclock
Collection Type: Phone call
Compatibility: Both
Connectivity: Telephone
Purchase: Contact us
Model: ZK T4
Collection Type: PIN, Fingerprint
Compatibility: Both
Connectivity: Ethernet
Purchase: $500
Model: ZK S300
Collection Type: PIN, Proximity
Compatibility: Both
Connectivity: Ethernet
Purchase: $500
Model: ZK SC403
Collection Type: PIN, Wiegand
Compatibility: Both
Connectivity: Ethernet
Purchase: $500