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WebClock Enterprise Features

A Better Way To Track Time
  • 24/7 online access to all of your information
  • Multiple punch entry options: PIN, badge, biometric (fingerprint, hand recognition), web browser or telephone
  • Time card and employee record auditing
  • Dot board for determining who's in and who's out (in real time)
  • Complex scheduling capabilities
  • Support for multiple locations
  • Summary and event-based e-mail notifications
  • Customizable interface
A Better Way To Prepare For Payroll
  • Easily integrate with our Evolution line of payroll systems
  • Perform labor distribution across multiple cost centers
  • Customizable pay categories
  • Automated overtime calculations based on custom rules
  • Holiday tracking and payment
  • Automatic lunch deduction
  • Shift differential pay
  • Mass edit capabilities for employee records, time cards, etc.
A Better Way To Interact With Your Employees
  • Several employee self service options:
    • Time off requests
    • Schedule viewing
    • Time card viewing
  • Collect the information you need, such as department, location, job, tips, mileage, etc., as part of the clock in/out process
A Better Way To Report
  • Library of over 50 reports
  • Reporting can be formatted as PDF, Excel, CSV, XML or HTML
  • Customize any report and save it as your own