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ThinClient Screenshots

Browse Screens
Browse screens are the most common types of screens found in Evolution. The browse screens provide a simple means of navigating through your employee or payroll data. The first image is a browse screen used for locating employees. All of the information in the data grid can be sorted by clicking any column header.

The second image is a browse screen for employee's scheduled/reoccurring earnings or deductions. This is a tremendous tool for a company with multiple deductions such as any type of insurance, pensions, child support, etc.
Employee Entry
The first Employee Entry screen is the most important employee screen in Evolution. By simply completing the required fields (those marked in a crimson red bold font), an employee is ready to be paid.

The second Employee Entry screen is just a variation of the first; designed with mass input in mind.
Payroll Screens
Evolution's payroll screens are easy to use for any size payroll. The range of options are extremely vast and capable of increasing your accounting productivity in a small organization or large corporation.

The first image is the main payroll screen. From this point you can create a new payroll, edit a payroll you're currently working on or even review prior payrolls with just one click.

The next image is our Quick Entry screen. The Quick Entry screen is one of two ways you can key in your payroll data. It's familiar spreadsheet design is a comfortable environment for anyone who has used programs such as MS Excel or Lotus 1-2-3.

The last image is a glimpse into the second method you can use to key in your payroll data using the Check Lines screen, you can key in your information one employee's check at a time. Check Lines makes it possible to distribute labor, override taxes or their frequencies, calculate gross-to-net figures, block scheduled/reoccurring earnings or deductions and so forth all from one screen.